Welcome from Isule

The “Isule” Cooperative has among its aims the one to show the tourists a territory which has been, since the prehistoric ages, a bridge between Sardinia and Corsica. Throughout its history the Arcipelago, made of isles and islets with a landscape of a unique beauty, has played an important role which is still unknown or untold in all its aspects. The territory, which lays at the far North-East coast of Sardinia Island, has been, in its different historical ages, a seaport, a harbour, or simply a lonely place for people looking for new challenge. We will lead the tourists to explore this territory and let them know its vocations , each describing in a different way the life and the culture of a place which is at the same time the center of the Mediterranean Sea but also the border of the mainlands.

Cala Gavetta_Coppadoro
 Come and seee together these wonderful places. We will be glad to show you the paths, the rocks, the shores, the museums and the ancient strongholds for an exciting experience of an unforgettable trip. On boat or bike ride, on foot, both in winter and spring, our turist guides will be able to tell you the secrets of these wonderful places and the delicate balance of an uncontaminated environment. Have a nice trip!
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