Dolphin watching

The sea and nature blend in one of the most exciting experience , the dolphin watching. Led by one of our experienced tourist guides – on board an equipped watercraft – you will be looking for the cetaceans living in the waters of the Arcipelago: bottlenose dolphins, spinner dolphins, grampus and others. The tourists will enjoy the beauty of the dolphins and their manoeuvres , take pictures and shoot the most exciting encounters thus living one of the most attracting natural show of the Mediterranean Sea.

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The dolphin watching trip starts in the early morning, from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. . It is extremely important, for a successful outcome of the trip, to have good weather and sea conditions, otherwise there are very few chances to meet the animals. The tourists are kindly required to follow carefully the instructions of our guides in order not to disturb or harm the animals. The cost of the trip, for group of minimum 3 people, is 40 € per head.
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