Caprera is a tangle of paths, each suitable for a diverse experience. You can admire the stunning view from the heights, follow a path along the coast or explore another one that winds trough the ruins of ancient buildings testifying the military past of the Arcipelago. Each path will allow you to experience, through a short walk (from 30 minutes to about 2 hours), the historical and scenic beauty of the area, as well as the rich biodiversity that places the Arcipelago among the most important environmental heritage of the Mediterranean

Statua di Ciano
Forte S. Giorgio 02
The day trips along the paths of the Arcipelago do not last always the same time, it depends on the level of difficulty of the track and the number of participants. Anyway it is important to wear suitables shoes with a strong grip on any ground; comfortable clothes; light rucksac with water and a snack. The cost of the excursion, for group of minimum 3 people, is 40 € per head.
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