Caprera, the island of the Hero

An open air museum that keeps intact the memory and the heritage of Giuseppe Garibaldi. His last abode – today a national museum – and his grave are still the witness of his political ambitions and his hope for the newborn Italia Nation The “Memorial” , a recent and interesting museum that relates the biography of Garibaldi through his travels and adventures in Europe and South America.

Memoriale Garibaldi_02
Memoriale Garibali

The tour of the museums and places which tell the life and deeds of Giuseppe Garibaldi takes about 3 hours. The tourists can go to Caprera Island on their own or with our tourist guide who will take care to show and explain the museums and the places beloved by the Hero (Garibaldi’s Cove, the orchard, the grave of his horse Marsala). The cost of the tour is 15 € per person (not including the entry tickets to the museums).

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