In any period of the year the Arcipelago can be discovered in its various aspects. Small lonely shores, paths overlooking the sea, ancient and imposive strongholds embedded in the rocks. But there is more: the islands keep the memories of the inhabitants who lived here in the past, the witnesses of the men of the New Stone Age, the prints of the Medieval monastic life, the history of the first settlements of Corsican shepherds , the arrival of the fishermen coming from Campania. Not to forget the everlasting marks of the Naval Force that setteld here in 1767, fostering the first community in La Maddalena, but also the thirty-year presence of Giuseppe Garibaldi, who decided to live on the Caprera Island the last years of his life. You can find and admire the traces of each period visiting the museums, walking through the architectures of the town or deep into the green paths of the islands. Our tourist guides will be glad to accompany you on each island discovering the nature and the history of this great heritage.




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